Life Transitions

Whether you’re going through divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement or change of career, there are a lot more than financial issues happening in your life. It’s a challenging time and sometimes making important financial decisions is especially difficult.

With over 15 years of specializing in financial transitions (mostly divorce), I’ve helped many individuals transition to their new life by offering compassionate, supportive advice that’s always in her or his best interest as well as providing resources to other areas beyond my expertise.

As a Certified Money Coach, I also help people in transition face their fears around money which often times are surfacing after a long, dormant period. Being thrust into making financial decisions during and after a major transition can be a serious challenge. Uncovering where those fears are coming from is the first step toward transformation and empowerment.

For specific information about divorce, please go to the Divorce Help page here. To learn more about how money coaching can help you through this challenging period in your life, visit the money coaching page here.