Divorce Help

The most important decision you will make regarding a divorce is the process you and your spouse utilize. There are essentially four choices: do-it-yourself, mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigation. If possible, the most amicable route should be considered first, which is basically anything but litigation. If you have children, how you get divorced has more impact than the divorce itself. You should thoroughly investigate these alternatives before you begin. Please see the resources below to access the information you need.

Once you get started, the next thing you need is professional advice in each area of the process – legal, emotional and financial. It isn’t likely that one professional will be an expert in all of these areas, and getting inaccurate or improper advice can lead to significant problems down the road.

This same issue applies to advice regarding your children and what is best for them. An experienced child development specialist should be consulted, especially when the kids are young, to determine what arrangements will be in their best interest.

A New Approach to Divorce

In 2019 I brought a group of divorce professionals together who I felt were the most mindful and compassionate individuals I know. Together we created a process we call Conscious Divorce. In a nutshell, it’s a process with a focus on each individual’s personal and spiritual growth – a process of transcending the stigma of divorce and instead using it as a catalyst for positive change.

To learn more, please visit our web site at www.consciousdivorcegroup.com.